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We are proud to support the following Non-Profit Organizations

Bridges And Pathways of Courage

~Greenbay, WI

Sister Pauline Quinn's mission is simple, help others...  She is focused on assisting Prison Dog Programs get started, and helping people "bloom" again.  Sister Pauline has helped in the Bosnia and Gulf War, she worked for twelve years helping African refugees who were stranded in Italy, move to other countries to start a new life.  Sister Pauline has brought children out of orphanages, and brought them to the United States for medical treatment and she's helped the elderly, disabled, & children without parents in third world countries.

Good Shepherd Services

~Redondo Beach, CA

a 501(c)3 non-profit community collaborative organization dedicated to bringing cost effective business solutions to other non-profit organizations.

Our experts are committed to assisting our non-profit partners, allowing them to focus additional resources on their their charitable work.

Our organization is based on the belief that our non-profit partners needs are of the utmost importance.

Puppies Behind Bars

~New York, NY

Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement. Puppies enter prison at the age of eight weeks and live with their inmate puppy-raisers for approximately 24 months. As the puppies mature into well-loved, well-behaved dogs, their raisers learn what it means to contribute to society rather than take from it. PBB programs bring the love and healing of dogs to hundreds of individuals every year. The dogs bring hope and pride to their raisers, and independence and security to those they serve.

Arctic Paws for Service

~Willow, AK

Arctic Paws For Service is an organization of dedicated Alaskans, whose primary activity is to provide trained service dogs to Alaskans with disabilities to promote independent living. Our service dogs are currently trained specifically for Mobility Assist, Seizure Alert, and Autism Assist. Arctic Paws for Service is dedicated to providing in-home training, and continued support to promote the success of a Service Dog with an Alaskan family or individual.


Due to our regional isolation in the United States, Arctic Paws for Service is devoted to providing Service Dogs  to Alaskans from Alaskans. Our mandate is to reduce costs to recipients and to increase availability, accessibility of services, and on going support for our clients. Our focus is to provide service dogs for Alaskans with Disabilities. Every facet of our operation supports this commitment. Each dog is carefully evaluated for its ability to provide the appropriate assistance and companionship needed for each person we serve.

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